In America, God was Invited Back Today!

In America today, we had an amazing event: a Presidential Inauguration. But it was much more than just ceremony and patriotic displays – our Lord, Jesus Christ, was invited into America again.
Not everyone was happy about it, but that’s to be expected. But no longer do we have a President who says he will stand with Islam if the wind shifts. We have someone who invited Christ to protect us. 
Islamic leaders demanded Donald Trump remove Franklin Graham from the lineup of Clergy. He refused. Many evangelicals condemned Paula White-Cain as one of his clergy choices. But she has been instrumental in praying for him and has been a friend for several years, so that didn’t happen either. Faithfulness on display for all to see.
Two of the clergy who prayed today were Charismatic, signifying that the Holy Spirit is welcome.  A Rabbi was invited to pray, signifying that Israel is welcome. The others shared Scripture and prayers of blessing and wisdom…many in Jesus’ Name. Only Christian clergy and one Rabbi were invited.
If you are among those bitter and angry that Donald Trump was elected, then it’s time to repent and check your hearts. We must all stand together as the church. There is much to do now, and we must listen closely to the heart of the Father. We must remove all strife, bitterness, anger, division, hatred from among us.
Let us not be as Joshua was, with a major victory at Jericho, and then a defeat at Ai (Joshua 7:2-5). It’s time to pray for our leaders, pray for each other, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Love, Faye