Welcome to ACW!

Our new website is now up and running! We hope you will find something here that encourages you, gives you hope, and lets you know that you are loved and valued by the Lord God Almighty. 

Did you know that in the Bible, lavish worship was normal? It wasn’t stodgy, or boring, it was all encompassing. 

When the trumpeters worshiped as one, the Glory of God fell upon them so powerfully that no one could continue. [2 Chronicles 5:13-14]. 

How we long to see that kind of unity in the Body of Christ today! But it cannot occur without love – and since love both of God and our neighbors is where we must start. 

Love is not soapy- it should never stand for something that is against the Word of God. But it should bring life and change to the lives of those around us.

We are heart friends- people who love one another fervently. We hope that you will join us!