Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our heart friends across the world!
We all know that Jesus wasn’t born on the Days we celebrate His birth. 
But frankly I get tired of people who sarcastically say that Christmas is a “pagan” holiday. No, the holiday that we redeemed was a pagan holiday. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus.
It doesn’t matter what something WAS, it matters what it IS. Just like you and I were transformed by His love, whatever we were before is no longer true. We are new creatures in Christ.
Jesus came to make all things new, to take back what the devil stole in the first place. By taking back “holidays” for Him, we’ve transplanted the tree of life in place of the devil’s darkness.
So say “Merry Christmas” all you want and don’t let the naysayers bother you. We belong to the King of kings and we celebrate His birth, His life, His death and resurrection. We are now eternal just like Jesus.
Merry Christmas, beloved friends!