Rosalie Storment

Rosalie Storment

Rosalie Storment

A word from Rosalie’s Heart to you:

In 1972 I began keeping a written record of every word spoken to my heart from God.  Each word was a treasure, not to be lost of forgotten. 

During the first 20 years He created within my heart, a love for His treasures, His people.  Walking in His love, joy, peace and freedom, with trust in Him, that He would never let me down, or miss His best for me, were the lessons learned.  But most important, to know that it isn’t what we can do for Him that moves His heart, but that His desire is simply for an intimate loving relationship with us, which eventually reaches out to His treasures, His people.

     God is calling His women to come together in love, honoring one another with humility and deep mutual respect, giving place to their sisters in Christ above themselves.  This kind of love heals broken hearts and sets captives free.   Religion in the past has focused on “Doing for God”.  But Jesus said that the two most important things we could do are love God and love His people with a passion.  This Company of Women that God is bringing together will be known for their lavish worship and love for God and for one another.

     Recently, the Lord cleared my calendar and said that I was to “play” until “further notice”!  I told the Lord all my friends were to busy to “play” with me, and how could I play with no “playmates”?   Well, He is teaching my friends to “play” too and we’re loving it!!!  We have never laughed with such pure joy so much in our lives.   And God is right there with us enjoying it as much as we are, cheering us on. 

You can see some photos from times in her life at this link

We’re finding out that is is just as important to play together as it is to pray together.  He has said many times that we His women would be taking His love to the Nations, but first we must learn to really love each other and have fun together and with our Lord.  Only that kind of love and unity will bring His women out of isolation and out of the wilderness to know they are no longer alone.

The Beginnings

     When “A Company of Women” began in 1996, the Lord gave me a poem to describe who these women, so close to His heart, were.  He called us all leaders because He calls all of His women to be leaders.  He said,

“A Company of Leaders coming together across this land.  Women of excellence, together we will stand.  Prophets apostles, singers, dancers, intercessors, teachers, who can imagine such a group!  But, together, upholding one another, what a mighty troop! 

Can you see them, their radiant faces uplifted in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord above?  Deferring to one another, reaching out with strength and love,  A gaggle of women, it has been said. 

A flock of Geese flying into the victory formation as they are led.  Flying into the wind, a fearless group are they.  For within their hearts they know, the Lord will always have the last say.  First a group here, then a group there, springing up across this land,  Interconnected together, covenanted together, in faith to reach out a hand.  To uphold and strengthen, with courage to say, ‘With the Lord God my Maker, and you my friend by my side, together we shall walk into this new day’. 

Proclaiming, prophesying, releasing and applying, God’s healing power to all we meet.  To some around the world and to some across the street.  Using every avenue at our disposal.  Taking to the Lord each new proposal.  New books, new music, new talents to share.  At times the creativity will seem to come from thin air.  But we will know in our hearts and proudly proclaim, ‘To God be the Glory, all credit and praise goes to His Name’.   So be at peace, My way shall be known.  Rely on Me, I’ll set the tone, for every contact, conversation and plan.  It’s time to strike up the band,  Each instrument shall be in just the right place.  The rhythm and style will be just the right pace.  Worry not, for the complete melody will be there.  It’s style and grace, each member will hear.  My perfect timing, precision and tone, will set forth the melody to make each one feel at home.  So close to My heart are these women, My friends.”

      So often women have felt inconsequential to the big picture.  But we as the Family of God are like a big jigsaw puzzle picture.  Every piece of the puzzle is important to make the picture complete.  It’s easy to see the upfront ministries and think they are more important and yet it is the intercessors that are tucked away faithfully praying, that God uses to spring each of us forward into our callings and our destinies.

  I have such a deep respect for intercessors, for they represent such unheralded, impassioned love and faithfulness for God and for His people.  Whatever your giftings are from God, hold them in your heart in faith and thankfulness and God will make them a beautiful part of the tapestry that He is creating with love.  God is creating a Symphony of your life and He will use everything you have experienced in your life, even what seems wasted and inconsequential, to bring forth the beautiful music of His special creation – You!

  Psalm 37:6 says, “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and He shall bring it to pass”.   I believe that patience is one of the most important lessons to be learned in this walk with God.  In 1977 the Lord began telling me that I would be publishing books. Twenty years later, in His perfect timing, my first book was published, “A Walk With Jesus.”  

In 1974 the Lord began telling me that I would be gathering His women together to take His love to the Nations. Twenty years later in 1994 He said that He called these women “A Company of Women” and two years later in 1996 “A Company of Women” was born.  Our job when He gives us a promise is to trust Him, obey Him and enjoy the process while He brings the promise to fulfillment.  Not to try to make it come to pass, but to do what He shows us to do along the way.

     My most dramatic story of patience, trust and believing that His promise would be fulfilled began with my earliest memories.  I love to sing.  During the first half of my life I was very shy and quiet.  And yet when I sang in public I was truly free to express and be who God created me to be.  I always surprised people when I opened my mouth to sing because I had a very powerful singing voice and yet a very quiet speaking voice. 

I was voted miss talent in my High School Senior Class of 365 kids even though no one really knew me, because I was so shy.  I always had an inner knowing from God that I would sing for Him someday and yet even though I got my Degree in Music, as an adult I had very little opportunity to sing as I lived my everyday life and took care of my family.  As the years went by I began to talk to the Lord about it saying, “You know Lord I keep getting older and older and most people are winding down their singing careers at my age and I haven’t started yet.  And yet I know Your promises are true.”

     In the early 80’s it was prophesied over me that I would be singing the Psalms.  In 1990 the Lord began giving me the music to all 150 Psalms, word for word from the Amplified Version of the Bible. By 1996 I had the music to all 150 Psalms Copywrited.  It takes me 12 hours to sing the whole Book of Psalms, all the way through.  I began patiently waiting to see what wonderful plan God had for His music.

    Then in 1998 my carotid artery fell apart and tore, causing me to have three strokes, three Code Blues, 10 hours of surgery with my throat slit from my ear to the middle of my throat and I was not expected to live. Half of my face was paralized and numb and my face and neck swollen four times it’s normal size.  I spent a month flat on my back in the hospital and had to learn to breath, talk and walk again.   And yet I knew I would be perfectly healed, because of the promises that I still had from God, that were as yet unfulfilled.  And as God promised, I was miraculously healed within six months and began singing again.

     But the years continued to pass by.  I found out that God isn’t really concerned about how old we are.  He just wants us to trust Him.  Then on December 12, 2001 I got a phone call from a wonderful producer in Nashville who had heard about my music and wanted to produce all 150 Psalms.  I arrived in Nashville on January 1, 2002 to begin recording the Psalms.  God had provided the best of the best for the fulfillment of the promises He had begun giving me 20 years before, and from my earliest memories.  It had only taken 58 years.  But His timing is perfect!

     The most important thing we as women can do in this adventure, called life, is to learn to hear God’s voice to our hearts.  All ministry comes out of knowing His heart and spending time with Him.  For 40 years I have sat in His Presence, simply saying “Father, what do You want to share with me today.” 

And He tells me in a thousand different ways what a treasure I am to His heart and how much He loves me.  You can be stable and at peace in the midst of storms when you really know how much the God of the Whole Universe really loves you.  He teaches us in His own words how to keep our hearts pure, free from negative emotions, in hard situations.  And He gives us words of encouragement along the way.  It’s called “Survival with Peace and Joy”.  But best of all, it’s “Intimacy with our Creator and Friend”.

     Shortly after “A Company of Women” began, the Lord said,

The world moves as lonely ships passing in the night, but My women shall continue to discover their connectedness.  It is a miracle whose time has come.  They shall enter in with all their hearts.  Their heart’s desires shall be for one another, to see each one’s dreams come true, as they stand in the gap for one another with love and prayer. 

The time is now!  The door is wide open.  See Me in each other’s eyes!  Hear each other’s heart cries and respond with love, lifting each other up to Me with faithfulness and care.  You are all as midwives, participating in the birthing process in all levels of preparedness.  Hold each one in your heart and impart My life and protective care.  Be alert and rejoice, for My Kingdom resounds with joy at the coming alive of “A Company of Women” coming forth across this land and around the world.