Welcome to A Company of Women International!

Life is a Journey into Destiny!  God, the Creator of the Universe, created every woman on earth to have a special destiny in Him.  But because very few have known how very much He loves and cherishes them as women, very few have had the joy of fulfilling the very special destinies He has prepared for them.  They lay unclaimed, untouched, and unfulfilled. 

God’s world is a treasure chest, filled with His treasures, His women, just waiting for someone to say to them, “God loves you!  You can trust Him!” He wants you to walk in victory and joy, in the fullness of your destiny in Him!

God is calling His women to come together in love, honoring one another with humility and deep mutual respect, giving place to their sisters in Christ above themselves.  This kind of love heals broken hearts and sets captives free.   Religion in the past has focused on “Doing for God”.  But Jesus said that the two most important things we could do are love God and love His people with a passion.  This Company of Women that God is bringing together will be known for their lavish worship and love for God and for one another.

Lynn Shortman during Worship

The Lord gave me a vision of the world, covered with bright lights, all connected by golden filigree threads.  He said that the bright lights were His women, hidden and tucked away all over the world.  Most of them have been isolated and in a desert place all of their lives. 

But it is in this isolated, desert place that He has packed them full of treasured gifts and callings.  They are the most gifted, talented women in the world, but most of these gifts and callings they aren’t even aware of, and those that they are aware of, they have had very little opportunity to use.  The golden filigree threads connect us all and now He is teaching us of our connectedness, and in that place of connectedness is our strength.  All it takes is a little love, encouragement and acceptance and we find ourselves discovering our hidden gifts, with opportunities to use these gifts that have laid dormant, and launched into fulfilling our destinies in Him.

  • A Company of Women is a safe place for God’s women to be enfolded in God’s corporate love, to share their hearts, and God’s vision for their lives. It is a place to birth and nurture many ministries and send forth Godly women to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ across the street and around the world. It is our heart to ordain and send women out into the ministry of life as:  writers, homemakers, dancers, intercessors, singers, businesswomen, ranchers, nurses, teachers, wives and mothers, prophets, apostles, pastors, missionaries etc. It is a place to find friendships, vision, direction, healing, encouragement and new hope, with sisters who will uphold each other’s arms with love.
  •  A Company of Women is a family of women ministering together in the unity of God’s love. These are women of excellence, whose hearts have been given to the Lordship of Jesus in honor and love toward all.  All of us are ordained to BE who He created us to be where HE placed us to function. 
  • A Company of Women is supported with prayer and love by people from all walks of life.
    These men and women of God raise a standard of accountability both individually and corporately in order that we might fulfill our destiny and vision.

Join us!